5 Least-Stressful Nursing Jobs in Massachusetts

Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers. It allows you to save lives, improve your patients’ quality of life and even see them through their journey to recovery. Better yet, it comes with a reasonable remuneration, and the service demand is always high no matter what part of the globe you practice.

However, a nursing career comes with demands that can sometimes make the job stressful. Some reasons for this include long working hours, exposure to work-related dangers, and inflexible schedules. According to a survey, 85% of nurses experience career fatigue.

While that may be true, there are several less stressful nursing jobs that you can explore. Read to discover the best options.

Least-Stressful Nursing Jobs to Explore in MA

If you want to take on a nursing career and would love to explore less stressful professional opportunities, check out the following:

  1. Telehealth Nurse

Telehealth nursing involves administering care to patients through the phone or computer. That means you don’t meet your clients in person. As a professional, you can do your job through phone calls, video conferences, or emails. 

The good news is a telehealth nursing career comes with flexible working hours, and you can work from home. Besides, it allows you to serve a more extensive client base whose sole needs are questions about their routine progress. An example is the case of diabetes patients. 

Even with a large client base, your patients’ needs are less urgent, and hours are more flexible. 

  1. Research Nurse

Research nursing is a good fit for those that love numbers and analysis. Why? This role will take you from the emergency and operating rooms to research labs and universities.

What will you need for this job? It would help if you acquired a Master's or Doctorate in nursing to qualify as a researcher. Remember, research primarily study diseases and test new drugs.

Though a demanding job that may sometimes take long hours, a research nursing career is an excellent opportunity for nurses who value studying.

  1. School Nurse

Schools must have trained and registered nurses to watch over the well-being of students. These professionals’ roles range from providing medications and daily checkups to any aid in case of an injury. School nurse is ideal for professionals that love working in a school setup.

Why should you consider this field? Because you will have lots of free time during the school holidays and there is order when it comes to working hours.

  1. Nurse Educator

A nurse educator’s role entails teaching nurse students the ways of the nursing profession. This means you'll have to work in medical schools and hospitals. Some exceptional training institutions in Massachusetts include Signature Healthcare and Cambridge Health Alliance.

If you are a working nurse with advanced degrees and enjoy sharing industry-related knowledge, then this is a less stressful nursing job to consider.

  1. Home Health Nurse

A home health nurse is your typical nursing job, only that you don't get to practice in the hospital environment. You have a list of clients you administer health care to in the home setting. That means you have to plan your time around their checkups. 

The good thing about this role is you enjoy working with patients and forming closer bonds, especially when dealing with a manageable number of clients. That makes it one of the easiest jobs in nursing.

The Bottom Line

Nursing is a demanding job since it comes with a tight working schedule. Although fulfilling, it can be draining at times. However, the less stressful nursing jobs above can make all the difference. Are you a nurse in Massachusetts and looking for an alternative? Pick one of the options we’ve outlined above and make the world a better place.