How Much Can You Make as an LPN in Massachusetts?

According to statistics, LPN (licensed professional nurse) jobs will grow by approximately 9% in the next decade. That proves that these professionals will be in high demand in the foreseeable future.

Admittedly, joining the workforce as an LPN is a sound move that’ll put you on the path to living a rewarding life. But, before dedicating your life to this career path, do you know the LPN salary in Massachusetts? If not, don’t worry.

This piece has everything you need to know before becoming an LPN, including roles and salary.

Introduction to LPN Roles and Responsibilities

A licensed professional nurse (LPN) is a qualified professional who provides basic nursing care and ensures patients are comfortable. LPNs are often in high demand in emergency wards, surgery facilities, nursing homes, home healthcare facilities, and maternity wards.

As an LPN, you may have many varied roles. These include recording patients’ blood pressure, pulse, and temperature. Your job may also require you to report clients’ statuses to other practitioners, change wound dressing, bathe patients, and administer medications.

LPN Salary in Massachusetts

As of 2022, the average LPN salary in Massachusetts is $55,709. That said, your actual wages depend on the following:

  1. Your Level of Experience

Experience level determines your salary as a licensed professional nurse, not only in Massachusetts but also in other regions worldwide. Generally, the longer you work as an LPN, the higher your wages.

As an entry-level LPN in Massachusetts, your salary range will likely be between $42,834 and $52,473. But once you get more experience, the numbers will shoot. For instance, today, LPNs with 10+ years of experience earn around $81,346 per year.

Most institutions willingly pay higher wages to nurses with more experience because they bring more to the table and are excellent promotion candidates.

  1. Your Job

Licensed practice nurses don’t get the same salary across the board. Some receive higher wages, while others earn significantly lower pay depending on specialties.

Presently, LPNs in occupational health and rehabilitation make the most money. You can make around $74,862 in the US as an LPN employee health nurse. On the other hand, if you choose a career in rehabilitation, your annual salary may reach or exceed $58,004. Other specialties that pay LPNs well include nephrology and palliative care.

  1. Your Employer

Generally, different employers offer different salaries to their licensed practice nurses. You may find a facility that uses high wages to incentivize its employees and attract exceptional talent when hiring. Also, larger institutions may offer higher rates because their coffers can support associated expenses and vice versa.

With the above in mind, if you want to get the highest wages in Massachusetts, work for top-tier employers like Insight Global, which pays around $50 per hour, or Elara, which may offer an hourly rate of $35 or higher.  

  1. Geographical Location

The region in which you practice determines your LPN salary. For instance, whereas you may make $75,665 in Massachusetts, your salary may dip to around $66,579 if you move to California.

LPN salaries often vary depending on geographic location because each region has its demand level and an average cost of living.

Also, as a licensed practice nurse in Massachusetts, your city will determine how much you bring in annually. The highest-paying locations in MA include Boston, Gardner, Pittsfield, Worcester, and Barnstable Town.

Key Takeaways

Evidently, LPNs earn decent salaries. That said, you can make more or less than the average wage rate in Massachusetts. The actual amount to expect depends on factors like experience and specialty, which we’ve discussed in detail.

Use the information in this piece to ensure you have a rough idea of what you’ll make as a licensed practice nurse and increase your chances of getting a higher salary in Massachusetts.