How to Make Extra Money Online as a Nurse

According to the Internal Council of Nurses, nurses are underpaid and undervalued. The entity says experts in this profession receive less than they should because many consider nursing as feminized work that deserves less pay.   

That said, the wages for nurses can’t change overnight. The process may take years or even decades. In the meantime, as a registered nurse, there are various ventures you can use to boost income and avoid the detriments of being underpaid. Below we’ve discussed the most viable gigs.

  1. Start a Profitable Blog on Nursing

Did you know that some bloggers earn $100,000+ yearly from their platform?

Blogging is a lucrative business. And the good news is you don’t need a pile of money to start your own blog. In fact, numerous platforms allow people to create a site and post content for free, including Wix, WordPress, and LinkedIn. Also, countless reputable service providers like Bluehost charge considerably low rates.

As a nurse, there are innumerable ideas you can explore on your blog. For instance, you may dedicate your platform to providing indispensable advice to nursing students or reviewing top schools for nurses.

Most importantly, you can make blogging a side gig and use it to boost your income.

  1. Find Remote Work

The pandemic made remote work extremely popular. That is one of the reasons why around 4.7 million employees in the US work from home at least half the time.

 Remote work comes with many perks. For instance, it can help you cut costs by making traveling unnecessary and allow you to enjoy a better work-life balance. Above, remote work will enable you to exploit higher rates offered in regions outside your locale.

Picture this. Suppose you live in Boston, MA, where the average annual pay for an RN is $96,630. If you want higher income, you can get a remote job with an employer from a state with higher rates, like California, and use that opportunity to negotiate better wages.

  1. Take Online Medical Surveys

Numerous market research platforms encourage nurses to take paid surveys from anywhere, at any time, using any device. These include OpinionSite, ZoomRx, and All Global Circle.

Let’s consider All Global Circle as an example. This platform allows nurses to join and receive a bonus of up to $50. Once enrolled, you can share professional insights and opinions on All Global Circle and earn.

Although you can’t make a living out of online surveys, they can be an excellent side gig. And you can use the money you get from it to cater to expenses like groceries or the occasional night out.

  1. Teach or Tutor Online Students

Before proceeding, let’s differentiate between teaching and tutoring. Teaching involves imparting knowledge and skills by introducing students to relevant concepts, theories, etc. On the other hand, tutoring is done by professionals whose only role is to help learners better understand lessons they’ve already been taught.

With the above in mind, as a registered nurse, you can start working as an instructor in your free time. Your role may include teaching online lessons and courses. Or, you can choose a less demanding path and become a tutor who helps students grasp complex topics, prep for exams, etc., at a fee.  

Start Your Journey to Earning More Today

As a registered nurse, you may be underpaid and overworked. If that is the case, stepping up and augmenting your income is better than complaining.

Luckily, several avenues provide passive income to nurses willing to go the extra mile. These include blogging, tutoring, and remote work. Hopefully, you’ve gone through our article and are familiar with these and more. And nothing should stop you from making more money as an RN if that is the case.