Top 5 Healthcare Staffing Agencies in Massachusetts

Did you know that agency nurses earn more wages than traditional nurses? That’s right. These professionals rake in more because, generally, nursing agencies can negotiate higher pay for their staff.

Besides higher pay, agency nurses enjoy work flexibility and cultural competence by interacting with patients in different settings. So, would you like to become an agency nurse and enjoy these and many other benefits? Below is a list of reputable healthcare staffing agencies in Massachusetts that can help you get started.  

  1. American Healthcare Staffing LLC

Founded in 2016 by a group of clinicians and healthcare executives, American Healthcare Staffing LLC is dedicated to helping facilities like hospitals and nursing homes solve nursing shortages.

American Healthcare Staffing LLC provides different professionals to healthcare agencies, including registered nurses (RNs), travel nurses, certified nurse assistants (CNAs), and licensed practical nurses (LPNs).

As a nurse, you can join this agency and get a temporary or permanent position in a skilled nursing facility, transitional care unit, clinic, school system, or any other institution.

  1. MSG Staffing

MSG Staffing ranks with the best healthcare staffing agencies in Massachusetts primarily because it helps nurses to find fitting job opportunities with no more than 72 hours. Plus, it has won the Best of Staffing award five years in a row, an impressive feat.

Presently, MSG Staffing operates from its offices in Worcester, MA. It claims to be the only minority-owned agency in the region and supports its candidates with whatever they need. Also, it has a dependable support team that often resolves 95% of all issues on the first encounter.

  1. Omni HealthCare Staffing

If you are searching for an agency that can help you build a flourishing career by connecting you with a reputable care facility, check out Omni Healthcare Staffing.

This staffing service provider serves clients in Worcester, MA. Its pool of experts includes RNs, CNAs, LPNs, and LNAs. If you are a player in these fields, Omni Healthcare Staffing can help you foster a better career path in Massachusetts and other regions, including New Hampshire and Rhode Island.  

  1. IntelyCare

IntelyCare is an AI-based platform that helps health facilities staff with confidence and allows nurses to enjoy uncapped scheduling flexibility.

Numerous reasons make joining IntelyCare a splendid idea. First, the app allows you, a nurse, to pick local shifts that work for you. Also, the opportunities availed by this platform come with a 25% higher average pay. Finally, IntelyCare has a smart matching tool that uses personal preferences to recommend fitting shifts.  

  1. Maxim Staffing

Maxim Staffing has offices in 32 states throughout the US, Massachusetts included. The company started operating in 1988 and is hell-bent on helping nurses, and other medical professionals, find meaningful career opportunities.

If you join Maxim Staffing today, you can exploit its robust grasp of the healthcare marketplace and use it to connect with top healthcare organizations. 

This company serves different settings, from hospitals and private practices to schools and county government boards. Plus, it offers innumerable travel opportunities to interested healthcare professionals.

Ready to Join the Best Healthcare Staffing Agencies in MA?

Massachusetts has exceptional healthcare staffing agencies galore, and we’ve introduced the best in this article. Check them out if you want to take your career to the next level.

Don't hesitate to ask questions while picking a fitting agency from the service providers listed in this piece. For instance, you should determine if a particular company trains its staff or offers professional development opportunities. We wish you nothing but the best of luck.